About Us

Lifelong friends Anthea and Deborah are living a personal dream in developing the tea rooms into a much loved outstanding attraction for the village of Hornby.

Their shared passion for home-made baking and cooking, and their enthusiastic support for the arts, especially in the Lune Valley, is enabling the two former Bentham Grammar School pupils to bring a special ingredient to their joint business venture.

Having known each other since they were 11, Anthea and Deborah have strong family links to this area. Anthea’s family are local dairy farmers while Deborah’s are firmly embedded in the Bay.

Admitting that they are both dedicated ‘foodies’, the friends say they entered into their partnership keen to provide a hub for the village and to create a warm atmosphere for people either on their own or in groups.

They want customers to enjoy a lovely experience in the tea rooms and to want to return. Nothing would delight them more than a five star review and word-of-mouth recommendations to relatives and friends.

Both feel it extremely important to support local producers and are firmly committed to using both the best and local produce wherever possible. 

Asked if the label ‘home-made’ is important to them, both spontaneously agreed: “Yes, because it is made with love and care.”

In their view a vital component in developing the tea rooms into the popular and successful enterprise it is today, is to talk and listen to customers, to understand their needs.

So far as the future direction of the business is concerned, Anthea and Deborah are determined to continue providing excellent service, to build relationships with current customers and to encourage new ones.

As a result of the corona virus pandemic, changes have been made, hopefully temporarily, with the focus now on salads and deli boxes to eat in or takeaway, perhaps for a picnic.

However, daily home-baking continues with unflagging enthusiasm, with batches of glorious sponge cakes, scones and tray bakes bursting warm and yummy from the oven in all their confectionery glory!

And, just for the record, of course, two very important snippets:

Anthea’s favourite: the cherry Bakewell.

Deborah’s: cappuccino slice.

Just hope they leave some for us!